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Friday Favorites Valentine Edition

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air – or at least in the candy aisle 🙂 Whether you’re coupled or single this weekend, a dog carrying a rose is the cutest thing ever! While we … Continue reading

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So, You Want More Orgasms?

So, today’s post is one of those posts that make me glad I do this blog anonymously. Not that women shouldn’t talk openly about these things – it is just that I am not one of those women. So, without … Continue reading

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I’m Not THAT Intimidating…

3 of the last 4 relationships I was in ended with the guy saying that I was “the type of girl they wanted to marry,” but they weren’t ready to get married yet.  Obviously, they were saying this as they … Continue reading

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My Dating Life Has Been A Train Wreck – Why Take It Digital?

My dating life has been a train wreck, why take it digital? Despite the pressure from nearly all of my friends, I have not tried online dating.  I realize that it works and in this digital age, it is pretty … Continue reading

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