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Who Knew Working Out Could Be Fun?

It is no secret that the reason I work out is so that I can eat – because I love to eat. I do not, on the other hand, love to work out. I don’t even like to work out … Continue reading

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It’s All About The Gut

When it comes to weight loss, immunity, and all around health – it is all about the gut.  Studies show that the microbiome — the ecosystem in our intestines — plays a much larger role in a wide range of … Continue reading

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Why Every Girl Should Have Kegal Balls…Apparently

So, this is one of those posts that I am glad that I’m writing anonymously 🙂 A 30adjacent reader recently connected me to a Passion Party consultant. The things I do for my lovely readers. I sat down with Caroline, … Continue reading

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Body By Simone

So, it is no secret that running on a treadmill is one of the least exciting things out there.  And if given the choice between running in place for an hour or sitting on the couch, I will sit on … Continue reading

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