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Food is Better in Ball Form – And Even Better With Booze

In general, I strongly believe that food is better in ball form.  And ball food is even better with booze.  As we head into the weekend, there is nothing better to do than make a couple cocktails (I have some … Continue reading

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ComiCon San Diego is upon us.  From the panels, to the cosplay, to the one of a kind wares, there is something for everyone. For those of you not venturing down to San Diego, fear not, there is plenty to … Continue reading

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I’m Not THAT Intimidating…

3 of the last 4 relationships I was in ended with the guy saying that I was “the type of girl they wanted to marry,” but they weren’t ready to get married yet.  Obviously, they were saying this as they … Continue reading

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Can Pheromones Really Find You a Mate?

I sat down with Passion Parties Consultant Caroline again to find out, can pheromones really find you a mate? I must be honest that I was nervous to post any additional interviews with her as my first (if you haven’t … Continue reading

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My Dating Life Has Been A Train Wreck – Why Take It Digital?

My dating life has been a train wreck, why take it digital? Despite the pressure from nearly all of my friends, I have not tried online dating.  I realize that it works and in this digital age, it is pretty … Continue reading

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Pandora Jewelry is Not Just for Your Mother Anymore

Pandora Jewelry is not just for your mother anymore.  Pandora Jewelry North America recently launched the “Art of You” campaign and I was lucky to be at one of the launch events in California. The brand’s new marketing campaign asks … Continue reading

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Blow Me Hair App – It’s Uber for Your Hair

Uber has made calling a cab nearly obsolete.  And now, thanks to Blow Me Hair App – it’s Uber for your hair – making an appointment for a blow out can be obsolete as well.  In Los Angeles there are … Continue reading

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Are You Too Cool for a Fanny Pack?

Designers have been releasing expensive “belt bags,” but is anyone being fooled? These are just highbrow fanny packs, right? I thought they would go away, but alas they seem to be here to stay.  I would like to be against … Continue reading

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Food Just Tastes Better when Made on a Waffle Iron

I don’t know why, but I fully support the craze of cooking foods other than just waffles on a waffle iron.  It is probably because I love waffles…a lot.  Belgian Waffles with strawberries and whip cream if you want to … Continue reading

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LA’s Ultimate Waxing Hot Spot – Stript Wax Bar

Stript Wax Bar was founded in 2009, by hair removal expert and licensed esthetician Katherine Goldman. In the six years since, she has opened 10 locations. There is a reason that her brand has expanded so rapidly, they specialize in … Continue reading

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