When It’s Chilly Outside, Get Chili Inside (Your Belly)

It is starting to feel like fall (even in Los Angeles).  And when it is chilly outside, you should get chili inside your belly.  While my mom makes the best chili ever – seriously it is delicious, I have tried to recreate it without success – this recipe is completely different and pretty darn good.   Added bonus, it is meatless, so yet another meatless Monday meal for your arsenal.

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili for Two

This Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili for Two (but let’s be honest, if you are really determined or just really hungry, it can be chili for one) is amazing and easy to make…and it has sweet potatoes, which you all know are my favorite. It doesn’t require a slow cooker, and can all be made in a single pot.  And who doesn’t love easy clean up?

Bottom Line: Cooking at home will help you save money – black Friday is coming up 🙂

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