A Color Changing Dress – Is This For Real?

Have you all heard about the color changing dress from an Australian designer?

A friend sent me a link to the video above and I was intrigued. Could my fairy godmother really exist? Could I really stop buying clothes in multiple colors when I finally found something that fits? I can’t be the only one that owns 6 of the same tee shirts in different colors, can I?

Not only does the dress change colors, but it is adorable. It has a high neck in the front, a flowy skirty, and a deep V in the back. I definitely want one! Could you imagine how much easier packing would be? Hell, could you imagine how much easier LIFE would be? You show up to a wedding accidentally wearing the same color as the bridesmaids – no problem, you could change the color right away.

Unfortunately, the consensus is that this was VFX in post production.  One comment on YouTube says “simple chroma keying in post production to change the colors in the video, this is a completely false statement by the company. Most likely an attempt to create a viral video buzz. Again, this is FAKE, I’ve been in the film and VFX industry for 15 years.” So, maybe we won’t have the coolest dress ever in any color we ever wanted it just yet.

But Showpo recently told Finder.com.au the dress had been born through the brand’s fascination with technology and innovation.

‘Jane [Lu] has always wanted to be innovative and ahead of the game when it comes to technology,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘She doesn’t compete in the market, she dominates.’

Bottom Line: If this does exist, I WANT!

PS – Thanks for telling me about this Oliver!

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