Freebie Friday Savvy Travelers Edition

It’s the first Friday of the month, which means that it is Freebie Friday again here at 30adjacent!

Normally, that means that I have an amazing prize for one lucky winner.  But, today, because Savvy Travelers loves my readers almost as much as I love them EVERYONE is getting a freebie! That’s right, Savvy Travelers in generously giving a Liquid Kourage bag with every purchase when you enter code 30adjacent at checkout! The TSA compliant Liquid Kourage bag is stylish, durable and see through, so it’s perfect for traveling through the airport.

If you don’t remember why I love Savvy Travelers so much, you can read one of my earlier posts here, here, and here. Germs are everywhere, but a clean sink is not.  These products will clean and sanitize surfaces, wash your face, and brush your teeth all without water.


If you can’t decide what to get, I would recommend grabbing the Jet Set Kit.  It contains 4 No Sweat Antiperspirant and deodorant wipes; 4 In the Klear lens and screen cleaning wipes, 4 Take Offz facial cleansing wips; and 4 Speak Eazy mouth cleansing wipes.

Show them some love on twitter, and instagram after you head over to their site to go shopping! And remember to enter code 30adjacent at checkout for the bonus Liquid Kourage bag with purchase. You’re welcome my lovelies.

Bottom line: No water, no problem.

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