Mask It is The Product You Didn’t Know You Always Needed

Sorry fellas, this article is just for the ladies.

Mask It is a new company with products that provide a sanitary and discreet method to dispose of feminine hygiene items.  I met with them last week and had no idea that such a product was necessary, but I was wrong.  Through a simple inversion process, the used item is sealed within a small, white, opaque, biodegradable/compostable bag which prevents leaks and blocks smells.

The majority of women wrap used products in toilet paper.  Simple enough, right? Well, little did I know, that in one year, that equals 24 rolls of toilet paper for just one female! So, there are approximately 85,000,000 menstruating women in the US.  Assuming a mere 10% of women use tampons and thereafter cover them in toilet paper – that is 8.5 million women X 24 rolls of toilet paper per year = 204,000,000 rolls of toilet paper per year.

More statistics for you – one tree makes roughly 1,440 rolls of toilet paper.  That means more than 141,600 trees are cut down every year for the sole purpose of covering tampons. So, if you aren’t ready to shift over to the DivaCup or Period Panties just yet, at least stop wasting so much toilet paper.

Bottom Line: You can save the environment, or at least damage it more slowly.

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