Friday Favorites Kim K Edition

You pretty much have to have lived under a rock this week to have avoided the Kim K selfie, then the second one.  And of course people had their opinions.  Chloe Moretz and Kim K disagree apparently.

As we are approaching swim suit season again, we should all be hitting the gym.  In the event that you need more incentive than bikini season, there is a super volcano under Yellowstone and you might need to outrun it.  According to science, you might just be able to do it.  Start training.

Since we are now hyper focused on outrunning super volcanoes over here at 30adjacent, we are watching what we eat too.  However, we are not willing to give up ice cream, and thanks to this delicious treat, we don’t have to.

And finally, to get you through the day, these people to a photo of their cat staring at food every day for a year.  You’re welcome my lovelies.

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