Meatless Monday – Chipotle Chili Edition

Tis the season for holiday parties and non-stop deliveries of chocolates and cakes at the office.  Since I have zero will power, my only chance at not wearing elastic waist pants come January is eating healthy at least one meal a day.  Thankfully, I came across this amazing Meatless Monday recipe for Chipotle Vegetable Chili.

Chipotle Vegetable Chili

It is easy to make and is ready in about an hour (including prep time).  And did I mention that it is filled with super foods like kale, sweet potato, and cocoa? Because it is.  And with 14 grams of protein and less than 375 calories per serving, it is filling and fabulous.  You’re welcome.

Bottom line: You should really put cocoa in everything.

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