Who Knew Working Out Could Be Fun?

It is no secret that the reason I work out is so that I can eat – because I love to eat. I do not, on the other hand, love to work out. I don’t even like to work out actually. Again, it is merely a necessity to ensure I can eat what I want and still zip up my pants.

Then I met Eitan Kramer. He is a personal trainer and former pro action sports athlete (he competed in the first six ESPN X-Games and holds the world record for highest air on a halfpipe – no big deal, but actually a really big deal). He has developed a new fitness system — MorfBoard — that fuses action ports and traditional fitness – and is designed to make working out fun. And, it actually is fun!

MorfBoard is an action sports-inspired mobile fitness system that allows users to switch from lifting with resistance bands, to rolling on a skateboard, bouncing on a rebounder, or rocking on a balance board in seconds – delivering a fun, efficient full-body workout. The really cool part is that a personal trainer (Eitan) and an uncoordinated 30adjacent blogger (me) can both get a great workout with the same system. Now, to be clear, it isn’t an easy workout – it is a serious workout, but it’s fun. Who knew they weren’t mutually exclusive?

MorfBoard is currently running a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the final funding needed to bring the fitness system to the masses. There are videos showing how the system works to provide a great workout, how easy it is to change modes, and how versatile it is. For more information, visit the website and follow @MorfBoard on social media for the latest updates.

How can you not support a company that has a mission to bring fun back? They believe working out should be fun. Something you look forward to. Trust me, you’ll actually look forward to working out again, or for the first time.

Bottom Line: The kickstarter campaign runs through November 20 – support the campaign and lock in a discounted rate for the MorfBoard!

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