It’s Freebie Friday!

It’s the first Friday of November (well crap, I only have 2 months left on this year’s resolutions…), so that means it is Freebie Friday here at 30adjacent.

This month’s Freebie Friday is a Midnight Mango body butter from Naturally Fly.  The Naturally Fly brand was created with one mission in mind: to attract, empower and reflect what makes us each uniquely different and remarkably authentic. Their rich body butters and invigorating salt scrubs each contain the highest level of quality and natural ingredients.They keep all products organically authentic, and all they ask is that you keep it fly. Deal? Great!

And since I know all of you dear readers are “fly by nature,” so I wanted to make sure you try out their body butters.  They contain the highest level of quality and natural ingredients. It is Ultra Rich in Vitamins A and E to promote skin hydration! Unrefined Shea Butter enhanced with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, a natural retinoid.

It’s organic, smells delicious, and I am giving you one for free. You know you love me. xx

Entering is easy!

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