It’s All About the Eyebrows


That is not an exaggeration – it really is all about the eyebrows.  If you have nice eyebrows, you literally have everything you need in life.  I never knew how important eyebrows were until I met Jessica. I have always loved my eyes, they are multi-color, a great shape and are my favorite feature (they didn’t become my logo by accident).  My eyebrows on the other hand were just there and I never gave them much thought.  Then I moved to LA and learned that eyebrows are pretty much the most important thing ever and I started on a quest to get amazing brows.

I went to multiple places around town before I met Jessica and they all seemed to be a factory of the same brow on every face.  Then I found her at the recommendation of a friend.  When I first walked in, my brows were thin and the right one had a bald spot.  It was sad.  But then Jessica opened her mouth and she is the nicest person ever.  She started out as a model and worked in the beauty industry for over a decade.  She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the work I do.

She asked if I slept on my right side because although there are no studies that prove sleeping on your side can effect hair growth, some of her clients have had luck by switching to sleeping on their back.  Despite the fact that I haven’t listened to my chiropractor’s advice regarding back sleeping – for great eyebrows, I was willing to give it a try 🙂  So, sleep on my back – check.  She also said I had to not touch them for 7 weeks! At all.  Like not even that one hair that is clearly not going to survive the next appointment.  Apparently, plucking that one weirdo hair can send a signal to other hair not to grow – and when you already have a bald spot, that is not a good thing.

While I do not always listen to my doctor’s advice, I listened to her and 7 weeks later she performed magic again.  Then 8 weeks later, magic again.  It was official, I was hooked on fabulous brows.  She is the reason my logo is amazing – and for that, I love her.

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Bottom line: Life is too short to have bad eyebrows.  Call her – 323-999-1702 or email

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  1. Sarah says:

    Eyebrows really are everything 😉

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