Friday Favorites

And here we are again, weekend adjacent 🙂  Here are some of my favorites links from this week to get you through.

Apparently People has been getting the sexiest man alive wrong since 2000.  Here is a list of who they should have been…I can’t say I disagree.

Oreo churros are a real thing and they are in your supermarket freezer section.  You can thank me (hate me) later.

Next Friday is Black Friday, so here are a list of the best Black Friday deals. I will likely still be in a food coma and/or spending time with my family, so I am going to stick with the Amazon deals 🙂

A Maxim model got real on Instagram and lost three thousand of followers…then gained almost 20,000.

And finally, Carly Simon Reveals Who “You’re So Vain Is About” (but actually doesn’t at all.)

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