It’s Monday, The Perfect Time to Restart That “Eating Healthy” Plan

If you’re anything like me, your diet over the weekend consisted of potato skins, chicken wings, beer, tacos, mini cupcakes, macaroons, and champagne.  That wasn’t just me, was it? Monday is the perfect time to restart that “eating healthy” plan for the twelfth time.  However, Monday is also the day that I have the least amount of energy to put into dinner.

Steak, Pear, and Watercress Salad Recipe

Thankfully, I found a recipe for a healthy salad that can be made in 20 minutes – and it tastes delicious and is healthy.  Yay.  This Steak, Pear, and Watercress salad is just what I need for busy Mondays.  Bonus, the recipe is for 4 salads, so you can either have an impromptu get together, or you have leftovers.

Bottom Line: Don’t order take out again.


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