If You Build It, They Will Come – Or At Least You Will

“If you build it, they will come” – if it worked for long dead baseball players, it should work for a mate.  A sexy bedroom will increase the sex in said bedroom.  Here are some great ways to make a sexy bedroom.

Since bedrooms are not often seen by the masses (but if they are, good for you!), they are often the last to get any makeover love.  I remember a friend when I was growing up had the most stunning first floor of their house.  All high end appliances, huge TVs, gorgeous rugs, everything.  Then…I went upstairs.  All of the bedrooms consisted of mattresses on the floor and milk crates as side tables.  It seemed so strange to put that much emphasis on things that were for other people, and so little on themselves.  While I am not THAT bad, I only bought new night stands a few months ago, the previous pair were a gift for my 16th birthday.  Since I am proud of my grown up purchase, I got these – love them.

Scientific studies have proven that painting your bedroom a tranquil color will actually improve your sleep. Also, according to Michael Breus, Ph.D., it is better to have a matte finish instead of a high gloss one.

Do you want more sex or more sleep? It is a tough decision, but I think I know what I would lean towards lately.  A British study has shown that people with blue rooms appear to be getting the best night’s sleep, while people with caramel-colored walls are having the most sex.  I am guessing a few people will be heading to the Home Depot paint department this weekend.  (And in case you don’t have an overwhelming need to be the best, but still want to avoid being the worst – people with red walls had the least sex and those with purple bedrooms had the worst sleep)

Buy luxurious bedding.  According to feng shui, if you want to get freaky in the sack, a large part of making that happen is intention. A clean, soft, comfortable and well-made bed invites someone to climb in — someone other than you.

Look for unique lighting.    8 Stylish Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Chic Getaway


The key, according to PureWow, is arranging them in an unusual spot. Wrapped around an antique ladder, these globes create ambient softness. No antique ladders lying around? String the lights near a mirror to double the glow.






Bottom line: Sexy bedrooms equal sexy time.

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