Friday Favorites

Oh Friday, how I have missed you… Here are some links to help you through the final hours of work this week.  You’re welcome my lovelies.

Halloween is coming up, so what is a girl to wear?  Have no fear, there is a handy chart to let you know exactly what to be based on your birth date.  I was going to be Rainbow Brite, but now I am clearly going as a whoreish 5p carrier bag. Obviously.

I might be a little behind, but here is a list of 23 things I wish I’d known at 23.  Better late than never, at least I always have champagne in the house (#22).

Since it is almost the weekend, perhaps you need some new shameless ideas of how to get drunk.  No problem, that is what buzzfeed is for.

Finally, we have all seen hilarious wisdom teeth anesthesia videos, but this one made me giggle… I hate when I wake up and my boobs aren’t bigger too.

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