There is Still (Barely) Enough Time for a Summer Vacation

I’m not sure where the time went, but the unofficial end of summer is right around the corner.  Even if you haven’t had a chance to go yet, there is still (barely) enough time for a summer vacation.

When I was first moving to Los Angeles from the mid-west, my dad used to say it was “the only place that you could go surfing in the morning and ski in the afternoon.” While I have yet to go to those extremes, I have gone for a hike in the morning and wine tasting in the afternoon.  And also, a taping of Dr. Phil in the morning and Disney Land at night – I know, I am quite the rebel.  My point is that the options of things to do and see in SoCal is vast.

Thanks to our friends over at red tricycle, they compiled a list of 10 fun and easy day trips from Los Angeles.  Even though the focus is on family friendly destinations – wine tasting is available and encouraged at almost all of them.

Bottom Line: There is still time for a summer vacation.  Get out there and enjoy the last 96 hours of summer.

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