Not All Charities Are Created Equal

Over the years, I have tried to give back when I could and make a difference when it was needed.  However, I have learned that not all charities are created equal.  I always presumed (inaccurately) that when you donated money to a charity, their main purpose was the same one that they advertised – feeding the hungry, saving the animals, helping the children, etc – but that isn’t always the case.  In many charities, less than half of the money donated goes to programs and services that it delivers.

For instance, according to the Charity Navigator rating, the Blinded Veteran’s Association spends 54.3% on fundraising efforts. The Alabama Contemporary Art Center spends 78.7% on Administrative Services.  And, the National Caregiving Association only spends 11.8% on programs and services – yes, less than 12 cents of every dollar actually goes to the people that the money is donated for.  There are more, so many more.  It was depressing to do research for this post.

As I was complaining to a friend, she told me about a local LA charity that is different.  It is small nonprofit organization, White Heart Foundation, that is dedicated to helping severely wounded warriors obtain the necessary equipment and services they need for their rehabilitation and life enhancement. What makes White Heart so appealing and unique is that they are completely transparent and 100% of the funds raised for the campaigns go directly to the injured warrior that needs it. Yes, 100% – no overhead, no advertising, no ridiculous salaries for admin – everything goes to directly to the heroes.

Because I was so impressed, and since their PR budget is $0, I thought I would do my part and introduce them to you lovely readers.  Their largest fundraising event of the year is this Sunday, September 13, 2015. The Ride to the Flags is a 9/11 Memorial motorcycle ride that begins at the Naval Base Ventura County – Pt. Mugu and ends at Pepperdine University’s Wave of Flags 9/11 Memorial on Sunday, September 13th.

The ride focuses to not only raise awareness of the victims and heroes of 9/11 but also to those that have been fighting for the country ever since. Every ride aims to raise funds for one severely wounded military hero in particular; this year, raising funds for bilateral amputeeMarine Cpl. Kyle Moser who, at the age of 19, lost both of his legs in an IED blast in Afghanistan. We are helping to raise funds to build Kyle, and his wife Alex, a smart home through our housing partner Jared Allen of the Chicago Bears and his foundation. Watch this video about Kyle and you will have all of the feelings.

If you are in LA and are interested, you should participate in the Ride! Register for the Ride to the Flags as either a rider or just come to the rally.

Bottom Line: It feels good to do good.

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