It’s Freebie Friday!

Happy Labor Day Weekend – I hope you are hitting all of the sales because there are some good ones.  And we all know what is better than a sale – something that is free!  And, it’s the first Friday of September (holy crap, it’s September), so that means it is Freebie Friday here at 30adjacent.

This month’s Freebie Friday is a Violet Love Headband. It is the premiere fitness and designer headband.  It is the no-headache, no-slip, absorbent headband that’s never an after-thought. In other words, perfection. Made in LA and vegan… of course! 🙂

Really, what more can you ask for.  It’s a great headband – it stays put during workouts and nights out – and I am giving you one for free.  You know you love me. xx

Entering is easy!

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