Who Knew A Bike Could Stop Traffic

Wood Bike beach

In a city filled with beautiful people, who knew a bike could stop traffic.  But, stop traffic it did.  I had never seen anything like it, and apparently, neither had anyone else.  It was made of wood – the bike was wooden.

This stunner was created by the people at Masterworks Wood & Design. An old world custom woodshop, specializing in antique replicas, furniture fabrication, architectural details, and custom millworks. Since they had already mastered making nearly everything else out of wood, why not a bike? And when one of the friends said “what if,” the collaboration began and the Defender was born.  From front to back, each custom made bicycle is a work of art – and a functional bicycle.

Wood Bike 2At this point, there was no denying that this were really cool bicycles.  However, the question remained – are they functional? So, of course I asked if I could ride it.  Apparently, being a nice person is a per-requisite of getting one, because the owner said I could.  I thought it might ride differently or have some special rules, but no.  It was really easy to ride – though I only rode it a block or two.  (I was warned that the wooden seat might take some getting used to – so leather cushioned seats are an option). As beautiful as they are in photos, you should see them in person!

Bottom Line: If you are looking for true individuality and traffic stopping looks, the Masterworks Wood & Design bikes are it.

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