Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Oh, Friday, I have missed you 🙂 In celebration of the weekend, here are some of my favorite links of the week.

The VMA’s are back in LA this weekend and Miley is hosting, so here are some of my favorite recent and not-so-recent Miley moments. Here she is undercover on I Witness news . And despite her outrageous outfits and shocking behavior sometimes, the girl has an amazing voice as evidenced in Backyard sessions singing Jolene.

Everyone loves Disney, and while not everyone loves a man bun, almost 60,000 love a good man bun AT Disney.  Check out the latest instagram craze.

Rayanne was always my favorite character on My So Called Life (because obviously my heart belonged to Dylan McKay, not stupid Jordan Catalano), so it’s great to hear she is royalty.

And since Miley has worn them more than once (including on Kimmel this week), here are average women trying pasties for the first time.

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