Friday Favorites

Here are my favorite links of the week to get you through Friday – happy weekend eve!

Have a date this weekend? Here are 3 date outfits that are probably already hanging in your closet, but if you are missing any pieces – check out Mansiion.

It is almost the end of the summer, your days of free things to do outside are limited.  So, go forth and do free stuff!

You’ve seen Disney characters.  You’ve seen dubsmash.  Have you seen the ultimate Disney dubsmash?

I prefer to get my fat in the form of ice cream, but apparently, you can now get it in your water.  Yes, you read that correctly.  FATWater is a thing.

And because the people that were using Ashley Madison are “victims,” here is what to do if your information was hacked.

Bottom line: I leave you with a French speaking Bradley Cooper.  You’re welcome my lovelies.


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