Desserts and Coffee Outside? Thanks LA

Indulge your Friday dessert cravings with one of #AwesomeAtticus incredible pies. Which one would you choose? Strawberry, blueberry cheescake, blackberry cheesecake or mango pineapple? Why not come try them at our new Mid-City location! Photo credit:@_kristinali

I love desserts and I love outside, I love desserts outside.  Thanks LA for opening another location for Atticus Creamery + Pies on Third Street.

The facade has been up for a while, but the doors only opened recently.  Imagine my delight as I was driving home from the library and there was the sign “NOW OPEN, Finally.” (Side note: if you don’t utilize the library in LA, or wherever you live, you are throwing money away, which is stupid.  If you have money to burn, spend it on pie, or mascara, or shoes).  As it was a typical LA day is was 78 degrees and beautiful, the perfect weather for some pie outside.  And what is pie without ice cream? So, I got both.

To say that the pies are good would be an understatement, because they are delicious.  Fun fact, all of their pies and ice cream is made fresh daily.  They have “classic pies” (like SALTED CARAMEL, filled with caramel mousse and bottom filled with chocolate ganache, topped with light ream and caramelized popcorn), “cheesecake pies” (including RASPBERRY, filled with raspberry cheesecake and bottom filled with chocolate ganache, topped with light cream and real raspberries), and “special pies” (like MANGO PINEAPPLE, made with mango cream and bottom filled with pineapple jam, topped with light cream and real mango pieces) all for less than $6 a piece.

Their freshly made ice cream flavors range from Honey Honeycomb to Lemon Lavender,  to Potato Chip Chocolate to Salted Chocolate Bacon Brittle.  I went a little more traditional and tried double cookies and cream – it did not disappoint.

Bottom line: Every delicious calorie was worth it.

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