Friday Favorites

It’s Friday, so it’s basically the weekend, so why keep working?  Instead, check out some of my favorite links of the week.

What Your Birthday Really Says About You – whether you read your horoscope regularly or not, there are multiple studies that show how the month you were born in is linked to many other things about you

The Magic Mike XXL poster was censored in Australia.  Just because it is hilarious.

A pug recreating Taylor Swifts instagram photos.  Yes, even the swan one.

Fukushima Mutant Daisies – According to a biologist at USC, they are nothing to worry about.

And, a video of two women getting lip injections for the first time.  If you are squeamish around needles, you probably shouldn’t watch.  I am, but I watched anyway…I pretty much watched it through my fingers with my hands over my face.

Bottom line: Instead of injecting your lips, you should enter our BONUS GIVEAWAY of Fullips courtesy of our friends at tipsntrends.

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