Cleansing Oils Are Illogical, and Amazing

The idea of a cleansing oil never made sense to me. Why would I put oil ON my face when I am trying to get dirt, makeup and oil OFF my face? It just seemed illogical. Not to mention the fact that most other cleansers advertise that they are “oil-free,” so putting oil on my face seemed like a horrible idea. Despite the illogical and horribleness of the idea, I can be talked into just about anything by a skin professional when they say I will look younger and the magical word “discount.”

I was recently at an event at Murad at their flagship store on 3rd Street and they were offering 20% off for any in-store purchases, so obviously I had to stock up on my favorites (and there are so many). Despite my overflowing list of items I wanted to purchase, they recommended I try the Renewing Cleansing Oil. Based on my paragraph above, and my lack of filter, I told them that was ridiculous and I didn’t want to have any part of it. They were not willing to let to continue with this inaccurate thinking.

Cleansing oils mix with the preexisting oils already on your face, when you rinse it all off, the ‘good oil’ takes those ‘bad oils,’ dirt and make-up along with it. Most importantly, cleansing oils bind to surface impurities and rinse them away without over-drying your skin like other cleansers and scrubs. Contrary to my prior thinking, you don’t actually need to scrub your face to make it clean. And, who knew, but your skin is not actually supposed to get “squeaky clean” or feel tight after you wash it. That is apparently a bad thing. A lot of oil-free cleansers strip our skin of natural oils, leaving it unbalanced and causing it to produce more oil to rebalance it – so it is actually the opposite of what I thought I was doing.  And as I am 30adjacent, stripping my skin of its natural oils sounded like a horrible idea.


As you can probably guess, I bought the cleansing oil. (I mentioned a 20% discount right??) And, wow, it’s amazing. Like ridiculously amazing. I have only been wrong maybe 3 times in my life and this is one of those times. My skin looks amazing. Like ridiculously amazing.  Like so amazing, when I run out I will pay full price amazing.

If you are in LA, you should check out the store.  They offer complimentary express services, and you can get a free YouthCam consultation (call for availability). Murad’s YouthCam is a high-definition camera that analyzes fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, inflammation and pore size and anticipates the future of your skin. Yes, it can show you damage to your skin before it is visible on the surface – meaning you just might be able to delay that sun spot on your left cheek from surfacing.

Bottom line: Cleansing oils are awesome. Try one.  And the Murad store is like an amusement park for skin care junkies.

Disclaimer: These opinions are my own, and these are NOT affiliate links.  I do not have anything to do with Murad, but again, if they want to send me cash or gifts, I won’t say no.

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