My Top 5 DIY Pins that I Will Never DIY

I love Pinterest.  I think I have admitted this before, but if I haven’t, I love Pinterest.  It borders on an unhealthy obsession.  My largest board, by far, is my DIY board.  Aside from the creaseless hair ties that I made about a month ago, I have not made a single thing from my DIY board.  That board contains 1,324 pins of things that I will never DIY.  Here are my top 5 DIY pins that I will never DIY.

1. DIY Mason Jar Chandelier from – this blog is actually filled with amazing DIYs that I will never do! It is a veritable DIY playground 🙂


2. DIY poufs! from  These are adorable and ridiculously expensive at West Elm and similar stores.  If you are at all crafty, have patience or are creative (or some combination of those qualities), you should definitely make one.  Actually, make two and send me one.  Please.

Old TV repurposed into a dog bed

3. Upcycle an old TV into a dog bed from – I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to make this?!?!? I want to make this, but my lack of time and, perhaps more importantly, lack of patience prevented me from making this.

4. DIY wood cooler – This is a summer essential.  It keeps beverages cold and prevents you from having to lean over to reach into the cooler.  Anything that keeps my drinks 2 feet closer to my hand, is a great invention.

how to make cute DIY throw pillows

5. DIY throw pillows by – this is another crafting wonderland.  I could get lost in all of the crafts I will never do on that site.  But seriously, those pillows are adorable right? I should buy a sewing machine…I would be one step closer to making them if I had a sewing machine.

Bottom line: I have good taste in crafts that I will never craft, and DIYs that I will never D

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