It’s Friday, So You Should Probably Drink

It’s Friday, so you should probably drink.  And it’s summer, so you should probably drink something summery.  If you are at a loss, not to worry my lovelies, I have some great summer time cocktail recipes that are not complicated.  You are welcome.


The summer berry mojito.  Fresh berries and mint – it does not get more summer than that (unless you add rum, which is step 2).





If you are more of a 2 ingredient person, how about the mango mimosa?  It’s mangoes and champagne.  Those are two pretty terrific ingredients and they are quite a delicious couple.


For my adventurous readers, Jalapeno Berry Margarita.  Jalapeno infused tequila mixes with blueberries and raspberries for a margarita with a little kick.

Roasted Jalapeno Berry Margarita

Strawberry Moonshine Julep

And if you are looking for something just a little stronger.  No problem, I give you the Strawberry Moonshine Julep. Moonshine, also known as white whiskey, takes the place of Bourbon in this summery interpretation of a julep.








And, if you are having a party, make a watermelon keg.  Because it looks cool, and holds a pretty good amount of drinks.

Bottom line: Watermelons and berries are delicious, you should mix them with alcohol.


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