I’m Not THAT Intimidating…

3 of the last 4 relationships I was in ended with the guy saying that I was “the type of girl they wanted to marry,” but they weren’t ready to get married yet.  Obviously, they were saying this as they were still sleeping with other people and being investigated by the ATF, but I digress.  At the end of each of these relationships, I was left with friends with the best of intentions that said I was unable to find someone because I pretty (thanks for the compliment, but I feel like there is a but coming), but (there it is) I was too intimidating.  For the record, I am not THAT intimidating.

Do I have a job? Yes.  Can I afford my rent and car payment on my own? Yes. Do I need a man? Nope.  Is that really a bad thing though? If it is, it really shouldn’t be.  For the record, just because I don’t need a man, doesn’t mean I don’t want one.

And apparently, I am not alone in this. A friend recently sent me an article from Elite Daily, entitled “5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Woman You Call ‘Intimidating’.”  It is very rare that I read something that is so spot on! Samantha Lang, you get me.

I am not intimidating, I am intriguing.  Although I have been called many things over the years, I have never been called boring.  I am a jack of all trades and a master of a few, so I have stories to tell and ideas to share. That doesn’t make me intimidating, it makes me intriguing.

I am not intimidating, I am inspiring.  I might do a variety of things.  I might have quit my job and started my own business.  I might go against the grain in a few ways, but maybe, just maybe, you might want to do some amazing thing that you didn’t think was possible.  Guess what? I totally think it is possible and you should definitely do it.  I will be by your side the entire way.  If, however, you aren’t into that sort of thing, I get it, I am intimidating.  But for that person that wants to do amazing things, I am not intimidating, I am inspiring.

Bottom Line: I am not intimidating, I am actually pretty normal.  I believe in love, and fairy tales, and happily ever after.  You will just have to put in some effort before I believe that I can have that with you.

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