How to Get Perfectly Kissable Lips

The key to any good summer romance are perfectly kissable lips, but you may not know how to get perfectly kissable lips.  Have no fear, I had the chance to sit down with the ridiculously talented (not to mention nice and gorgeous) Anissa Salazar to get some tips.  Anissa is a Hollywood makeup artist that has done countless commercials, television shows and features.  Her celebrity clientele is a veritable who’s who of Hollywood. So, if anyone was going to be able to ensure that I had the perfect pout for a summer fling, it was going to be Anissa.  And for that my dear, I thank you.

The first step – exfoliate.  While we regularly exfoliate our skin, Anissa reminds me that our lips are too often forgotten.  Her favorite is Sara Happ’s “The Lip Scrub” in brown sugar. Gently rub it onto your lips for 15-30 seconds, then wipe it off with a towelette.


(If you want to make a DIY scrub, it is very easy.  Mix one tablespoon of brown sugar with a dash of olive oil or coconut oil – just enough to make the sugar stick together. Voila, super soft lips)

Next – rehydrate.  Her favorite is Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm. This formula is moisturizing without leaving a waxy residue, or being too glossy such that color won’t stick.  Basically, it’s perfection in a tube.

Finally – line your lips and fill with color.  Before hanging out with Anissa, I never used lip liner, for a few reasons.  First, I hated the idea that my lip stick would wear off and the liner would remain. Second, it seemed like an unnecessary step.  And third, it seemed like unnecessary money.  It turns out that if you want a perfectly defined lip, you need liner.  Also, if you don’t have full lips, you can fake it.

Here are a few different colors that Anissa did on me.


Now, she will probably be screaming at her screen because these are “Spring” colors and it is summer now.  However, I say, a bad ass lip goes with all seasons.  All of the lip colors are Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills. (from upper left, Lovely, Carina, Neon Coral, and Vintage)



Bottom line: Check out Anissa Salazar’s work here and here and contact her here.  And she is hilarious, so you might want to follow her on twitter.


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