Back Away from Your Flat Iron, It’s Summer!

The temperatures are rising, so back away from your flat iron, it’s summer! It’s time to embrace your natural waves, or lack thereof.

For those of you without waves: Rather than blow drying your hair, and using a 400 degree curling wand when it is 100 degrees outside, try using this DIY sea salt spray.  It’s like you visited the ocean every morning…but without the sand in your swimsuit. This recipe includes leave in conditioner in addition to coconut oil, which will help keep your locks healthy.  If you prefer 100% natural, this is a great choice.  Coconut Oil, Aloe, salt and water.  Voila, gorgeous beachy waves.

For those of you with short hair (or my super mom friends that want to make their kids hair amazing): I give you DIY pomade. This is another recipe from our friends over at   Parabens, formaldehyde, fragrance, and many other undesirable ingredients are in most hair products – all of which, I try to avoid.  This recipe is just four ingredients, beeswax, coconut oil, bentonite clay, and sandalwood essential oil. The result is a conditioning wax, that smells delicious and holds well (you can adjust the beeswax to adjust the level of hold).

For those of you with frizzy hair: don’t leave home without a frizz reducing serum. Or, if you have thinner hair, try this shine spray.

Bottom line: you don’t need a curling iron, or parabens, to have lust worthy locks this summer.

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