tipsntrends is the greatest thing you didn’t know you loved

tipsntrends3 I recently had the pleasure of going to a tipsntrends event at their new home, the omnispace at the corner of Melrose Ave and Crescent Heights. As it says on the wall, omnispace is a space so versatile it can be utilized for any purpose, with no limits.  How amazing is that?? It can be a showroom, retail store, pop up shop, gifting suite, and private event space. So, basically, I will be moving in…I hope they don’t mind.

Tipsntrends is the greatest thing that you didn’t know you loved. Tipsntrends is a genius media marketing network that allows smaller companies to advertise in top tier magazines like Elle, In Style, Shape and more.  They are the reason that you have seen ads for products from dr. brandt, Go Smile, and Not Your Mothers, among many, many others.  Huge thanks for introducing me to Obliphica Haircare – it’s amazing – and Physique Protein cleanse!

tipsntrends1Because the space is constantly “under construction” as the space can transform depending on what event is happening, we all got these cute hard hats for the event 🙂 And then, we played games…lots of games. (fun fact: it is important to read the directions for games)

tipsntrends5 tipsntrends4

Bottom line: keep your eye out for the amazing things that will be happening at omnispace!

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