Nail Art Ideas for the Artistically Challenged

I love cute nails as much as the next girl, but I do not have time (or the money) to always get my nails done, and I have the artistic ability of a newborn (I can’t do much other than a footprint – or fingerprints…).  So, my lovelies, here are some nail art ideas for the artistically challenged!

Polka-dots! While there are fancy tools to make dots in varying sizes, you can also use a bobby pin.  Easy peasy!  Paint your nails a solid color, let them dry completely and put contrasting dots on with a bobby pin (or one of those fancy schmancy tools).

Contrasting color swipe.  This one has a big impact, for very little effort.  Paint your nails a dark color, let dry and make a single swipe of white down the middle.  Voila, nail art!

We are starting to get more complicated – but still doable.  After painting your nails white, add a curved line on each nail and fill it in with black polish. Done, cool mod nails.

More polka-dots! This is a variation of polka-dots from above. Instead of putting polka-dots on the entire nail, just put them across the top like a french manicure of colorful dots.

Or, use the same techniques to make triangles.

Scotch tape is your friend for this easy design!

Bottom line: Life is too short to have boring nails.

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