My Dating Life Has Been A Train Wreck – Why Take It Digital?

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My dating life has been a train wreck, why take it digital? Despite the pressure from nearly all of my friends, I have not tried online dating.  I realize that it works and in this digital age, it is pretty common.  Nevertheless, I can’t get myself to do it.  It’s probably because my dating life has been a train wreck without going out with a total stranger.

A (very) brief rundown, I’ve dated a guy that was: engaged; a drug dealer being investigated by ATF (they knocked down the door one night); and a convicted sex offender.  And those are just the ones that my friends set me up on.  You can see why I wouldn’t want to open the possibilities to someone that wasn’t vetted!

Even still, I have friends that online date.  One started on OK Cupid about six months ago.  She met a great guy and they started emailing, and eventually started talking on the phone.  As a single mother, she wanted to take things slowly before meeting in person.  He was a perfect gentleman, he said that his sister was a single mother and he understood.  They spoke for hours, he sent flowers to the house, it was magical.  She was really falling for him, and he said that he was falling for her.  You are probably asking yourself why I wouldn’t be willing to try after this magical experience – and the answer is: the story isn’t done.

So, things are going great, they are falling in love and she wants to meet up with him, but he puts is off.  If you think that she was being catfished, wrong again my lovelies.  He couldn’t meet up because he was in prison.  That’s right, prison.  And he isn’t getting out soon, because his was sentenced to life after committing murder! And she asked me if she should stay with him?!?!? (side note: I understand from OITNB that there are phones in prison, but seriously they have a strong enough internet connection for OK Cupid, and it takes be 10 minutes to load a video on youtube??)

In order to give a more balanced look at dating, I have enlisted a few friends to guest write a post on dating – whether it’s tinder, blind dates, speed dating or pick up artist classes.  Who knows, maybe one of them will convert me in time for a summer romance.

Bottom line: I am not looking for a man, I am waiting to be found.

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