From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange

I just finished reading the autobiography of Foot Petals founder and self-made entrepreneur Tina Aldatz, “From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange.”  The story was an empowering and compelling story of a woman that didn’t just survive against the odds, she thrived.  Tina Aldatz grew up in a volatile home surrounded by drug abuse and domestic violence. She emancipated herself from her parents at 15, she worked and focused for years to come an entrepreneur.

How can you not love the person that created Foot Petals, the revolutionary line of designer insole cushions for women’s high heels? Her feet hurt from wearing high heels and walking like crazy in Manhattan.  While wearing flats is the solution for most, not for Tina.  She decided to create a solution that did not affect her love of heels.  For that, she is loved by millions 🙂 Her most recent triumph is SavvyTraveler.  If you didn’t read my post, you should do so here.

Oh, did I mention that she helps organizations in her community like Girls, Inc? She also created an endowment through Two Ten Foundation in 2011, focusing solely on scholorships for Women in the Footwear Industry.  She is also Chairwoman of Hispanic 100’s highly regarded Mentorship Program.  So, in short, she is gorgeous, smart, determined and also a really good person.

Get your copy of “From Stilettos to the Stock Exchange” from any of the following:

Bottom line: Don’t let your past define who you become.  If you have a dream, work hard, kick ass and achieve it.

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