The Easiest Craft for the Craft-Challenged – Creaseless Hair Ties

Hair tie doneI like the idea of being someone that “crafts,” which explains my love of Pinterest ūüôā However, either the lack of time or lack of craft ability means that I typically pin a lot of things on Pinterest, but I never actually make anything.¬† My sister challenged me to not pin anything new until I actually made something that I pinned.¬† Never wanting to back away from a challenge, I accepted.

While I would love to say that I made the pallet porch swing, be realistic.  So, I tried something a little easier Рand something that I would actually use.  For my first crafting experiment, I made creaseless hair ties (because they can sell for $3-4 a piece, which is just ridiculous!)  So, I made them myself, and SUCCESS!!

All you need is foldover elastic (I used 5/8″), scissors, measuring tape and a lighter.¬† They are super simple to make:

hair ties - measure

Step 1. Measure your elastic Рthe length will depend on the thickness of your hair.  For kids, I did 7 inches, for mine I did 9 inches.  (a few that I made for friends, I did 10.5 inches because they wanted to wrap it around their hair 3 times)

hair ties - frayed

Step 2. Tie the  two ends of your hair tie and pull it tight.

hair ties - lighter

Step 3. Lightly burn the exposed ends Рdo not start them on fire! This is melt/seal the freshly cut edges, which will prevent your hair tie from fraying.

Step 4. Tie your hair up – you’re done!

Once I became a pro, I made some with beads so that I could have a fancy ponytail.

hair ties - fancyI also made some with my niece’s school colors for her soccer team.

hair ties - school colorsBottom line: I will pay someone to do most things because it just isn’t worth my time.¬† But these are ridiculously easy and customizable, so it is silly to buy them.

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