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If you missed my last post on tips for easier travel, read it here. While those tips are great, they don’t eliminate the germs..It starts with having to walk barefoot through security.  Then there is the air on the plane drying out my skin and circulating a disgusting amount of germs.  gross.

Fun fact, an average of 50-75 people use the lavatory each flight.  The disgusting fact is, that there are a lot of people that do not wash their hands.  Unfortunately, even those that do are using questionable water that has been known to have E-coli in it. The CDC cited the lavatory as a major danger area for the spread of disease during the H1N1 flu and SARS epidemics. Since not using airplanes is not a reasonable option, what is a savvy girl to do??

SOLUTION: Savvy Traveler Jet Set Pack! Sanitize everywhere you go!

Savvy Traveler is a premiere lifestyle brand offering daily use products in convenient kits and single-use packets that are disposable, eco-friendly and made in California.  Savvy Traveler is dedicated to overall travel wellness while offering stylish yet practical components for both personal and surface use.

The Savvy Safe products, like Klean Offz and Klean Ups, remove 99% of surface contamination from common items such as phones, doorknobs, and airline seats and tray tables.

Hate walking through security barefoot.  Not a problem anymore, Safe-T Stepz are foot safety shields that stick to the bottom of your feet as you walk through TSA.

And my personal favorite of their line…Lime Light.  It is an illuminating black light flashlight that shows you everything you never wanted to see on the airplane blankets and your hotel bedspread. You are welcome my lovelies.

Bottom Line: Germs are gross. Kill Them.

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