LA’s Ultimate Waxing Hot Spot – Stript Wax Bar

Stript Wax Bar was founded in 2009, by hair removal expert and licensed esthetician Katherine Goldman. In the six years since, she has opened 10 locations. There is a reason that her brand has expanded so rapidly, they specialize in one thing – and only one thing – and they are the best.  The salon is dedicated to the art of waxing.

This is no nail salon that also waxes.  This is a waxing experience.  Katherine has 10 years of experience and has created a formula to make an uncomfortable experience a bit more tolerable. When designing the salon, she wanted to ensure that both sexes were equally comfortable, which is why the color scheme is black, white and silver, with touches of violeta. Textured wallpaper, mirrored furniture and tufted chairs set the mood for an elegant, modern boudoir.

We had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Katherine. Since she is the master, and not everyone (men, I am looking at you) knows what to expect, I asked her about what to do before you go.

In order to get the best waxing experience:

  1. Shower (this should be self explanatory, but apparently it is not)
  2. Exfoliate (this is not mandatory, but it helps)
  3. Do NOT shave for at least two weeks (and don’t lie, they are professionals and will know that you are lying – and will make you come back)
  4. If you are worried about pain, you can take an Advil 30 minutes before you go in.
  5. That’s it, they take care of the rest.

When you arrive, you go in to one of 6 private treatment rooms.  The staff then does a health intake to see what could affect the skin and the waxing experience.  Did you know diabetes can affect waxing? Neither did I, but the professionals did.  The they do a consultation to see what you want.  Yes, for you newbies and/or adventurous types, they have drawings of different shape options.  I had always heard that you should not use lotion if you are getting waxed.  Katherine said that is true, however, if you forget, they wash the area to ensure that the waxing will be perfect.

And, ladies, treat yourself to a Vajacial – this buzzed about four-step “facial” for your va-jay-jay tides up any ingrown hairs and calms or averts any potential irritation and discoloration around the bikini area.

Bottom line – Don’t try this at home, you are just asking for trouble.

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