Can a Messy House Make you Happy?

When it comes to where I live, I have big plans for my “big girl” house.  You know, the one that I will get some day, when I am a grown up.  Until then, I have found that I put in minimal effort in my place – because it isn’t my forever home.  But, as you know, my new goal is to live life, not merely exist in it.  So, that means no more waiting until I have a big girl house. I need to put effort into my right now house.

Enter google searching for things to have a happier home and up pops an article on how messes can make people happier.  I obviously take issue with that because I get anxiety if the bathroom towels are not hung evenly, so how could a messy house possibly make me happier??? Jennifer Hunter at Apartment Therapy explains, “Happy people know how to live in the moment and they know that obsessing over a mess is just no fun. So, kick up your feet and live a little.”

Ok, Jennifer…I will give it a whirl try it tomorrow. Read the other 4 things that Happy People Have in their Homes here.

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