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Can a Messy House Make you Happy?

When it comes to where I live, I have big plans for my “big girl” house.  You know, the one that I will get some day, when I am a grown up.  Until then, I have found that I put … Continue reading

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The Easiest Craft for the Craft-Challenged – Creaseless Hair Ties

I like the idea of being someone that “crafts,” which explains my love of Pinterest 🙂 However, either the lack of time or lack of craft ability means that I typically pin a lot of things on Pinterest, but I … Continue reading

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Food Just Tastes Better when Made on a Waffle Iron

I don’t know why, but I fully support the craze of cooking foods other than just waffles on a waffle iron.  It is probably because I love waffles…a lot.  Belgian Waffles with strawberries and whip cream if you want to … Continue reading

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LA’s Ultimate Waxing Hot Spot – Stript Wax Bar

Stript Wax Bar was founded in 2009, by hair removal expert and licensed esthetician Katherine Goldman. In the six years since, she has opened 10 locations. There is a reason that her brand has expanded so rapidly, they specialize in … Continue reading

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Why Every Girl Should Have Kegal Balls…Apparently

So, this is one of those posts that I am glad that I’m writing anonymously 🙂 A 30adjacent reader recently connected me to a Passion Party consultant. The things I do for my lovely readers. I sat down with Caroline, … Continue reading

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Another brilliant Aussie export – Wanderlust + Co

You are aware of my love of all things Aussie, especially designer Nicholas, and pro skateboarder Corbin Harris (swoon), and I now have a new love – Wanderlust + Co. Wanderlust + Co is a jewelry label for dreamers x … Continue reading

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Move Over Brussels Sprouts, It’s All About Cauliflower

2014 was clearly the year of the Brussels Sprouts.  They were on every menu and were the vegetable du jour.  But the tides have turned and cauliflower is the new hero vegetable, and for good reason, the health benefits are … Continue reading

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Clarisonic v. Soniclear – the battle of the skin brushes

First things first, if you don’t own one of these, you really should.  There are very few things that I will not skimp on – and skin care is one of them.  My skin isn’t flawless by accident.  Between my … Continue reading

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Easy Delicious Hummus

I have been trying to only eat foods with ingredients that my 5-year-old niece can pronounce.  That, unfortunately, means that I have to do a lot more cooking than before.  But that does not mean that I have the time … Continue reading

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Savvy Traveler

If you missed my last post on tips for easier travel, read it here. While those tips are great, they don’t eliminate the germs..It starts with having to walk barefoot through security.  Then there is the air on the plane … Continue reading

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