Whitening Lightening

A friend gave me a set of Whitening Lightning lip glosses. You can purchase them here. The gimmick with these lip glosses is that they have a light that turns on automatically when you open it and there is a mirror on the side. I’m not sure how anyone survived before these existed.  It’s pretty much the most amazing beauty product/utility item that exists.

How can we be expected to put on lip gloss that doesn’t have a light and a mirror? I mean, with traditional lip gloss, we are left with two options: 1. Guess where our lips are; or 2. Wait until we are in front of a mirror. These hardly seem like “reasonable” options.

Bottom line: the colors are great, the formula is moisturizing and the packaging allows you to touch up your lips while walking alone in a dark alley.  That’s what I call win, win, win.

Let me know in the comments below if you know of a better utility item/beauty cross over.

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2 Responses to Whitening Lightening

  1. Jenny says:

    Does a self stirring coffee mug count? No morning beauty routine is complete without coffee


    • 30adjacent says:

      It absolutely counts! There is a ridiculous amount of laziness required to use that product, and I love it!

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