Spa Sophia

Spa Sophia is one of the very few places in Los Angeles to offer the world famous Esalen massage. According to the website: “the Esalen bodyworker uses long integrating strokes resembling ocean waves, as well as yoga moves, Swedish massage, breathing and gently rocking moves. A holistic, extremely healing and relaxing massage that has to be experienced.” According to me: I have a strict policy against having to pay a man to put his hands all over my body, but for Michael I will make an exception.

I am not really one for relaxation.  In fact, most things that leave me alone with my own thoughts stress me out.  But this, this was amazing.  My massage with Michael set the bar that all other massages will be measured against.  For an entire hour, I did not think of the phone calls I was missing, the emails that I needed to return or the list of errands I needed to run.  For one hour, I just relaxed.

Bottom line: It’s amazing and you should get one. Mention 30adjacent and get 20% off ANY service through the end of April.  You’re welcome my lovelies.

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