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Laura Elizabeth Jewelry Makes Eco-friendly…Fashionable!

I am all for being eco-friendly…but I will admit that hemp jewelry just isn’t going to do it for me. So, I was excited to find Laura Elizabeth’s line of jewelry that has made “eco-friendly” actually “fashion-friendly.” Seriously, the stuff is gorgeous and looks just as good with jeans and a tee at a Dodgers game as it does with a dress for cocktails at the Chateau.

Drawing on inspiration from Mother Nature, Los Angeles based jewelry designer, Laura Elizabeth, has been creating sustainable fashion accessories for the past nine years. Now, words and phrases like; eco, hipster, made from sustainable goods, green, and recycled –
are must haves and she is fast becoming a go to jewelry designer. The Laura Elizabeth collection can be seen on celebs such as Katy Perry, Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad, Selena Gomez and yours truly 🙂

We had an opportunity to sit down with the designer herself and asked where she draws her creative inspiration from for the now famed accessory line, and she shared, “Over the years, my inspiration has shifted to nature. For example, when I see plants, leaves or vines, I see a ring or cuff!”

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry is a green company using only earth-conscious recycled
packaging materials and office supplies, and if she wasn’t adorable enough already – a portion of Laura Elizabeth’s sales are donated to environmentally conscious causes.

Elizabeth went on to share her thoughts on the new eco-accessory trend: “I see fashion turning a corner with sustainable fashion. I think we are far more aware now, than ever of before that we are living on a planet that is affected by what we do on or to it. Eco-friendly or green products in the past were seen more as hippie dippy. I’ve seen a huge growth of fashionable eco-friendly products in both accessories and apparel, and I’m glad my brand is a part of that!”

Bottom line: Save the planet, one accessory at a time.  Shop her “eco-accessory” spring collection here and follow her on Instagram

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