Coconut Oil Outdoor Lotion


In an effort to get over the funk that is caused by stupid stupid daylight savings time, I went out to the beach today. While I grew up being told “never put your back to the ocean,” today I decided to go crazy and do it anyway (I also went in the water without waiting 30 minutes after eating – I was quite the rebel). I am so glad that I did, because I captured this great pic of a wave breaking on the rocks behind me!

Anyway, enough of my sweet photography skills, back to the purpose of this post.  SPF is mandatory whenever I am in the sun to ensure that I will look 26 for the rest of my life. However, after my post on Monday about all the chemicals that we put on our skin through makeup (read the article here), I wondered if there was a way to protect my skin and avoid wrinkles without slathering chemicals all over my skin.  After some research, I found that there are a number of oils that have some natural SPF.  According to some sources, Raspberry seed oil has a natural SPF of 28-50, carrot seed oil has a natural SPF of 38-40, and coconut oil has a natural SPF of 4-10. While studies have shown this naturally occurring SPF in oils, they do not provide 100% protection and have not been fully tested.  This is likely better than nothing, but PLEASE use common sense – if you are burning, get out of the sun!

With even more digging, I found a recipe for a coconut oil sunscreen outdoor lotion* using a blendtec. I am obsessed with this blender – I use it to make everything from smoothies, to soup, to now, sunscreen outdoor lotion:)


¼ cup coconut oil
¼ shea butter
⅛ cup sesame oil OR jojoba oil
2 tbsp beeswax granules
1 tsp red raspberry seed oil
20–30 drops carrot seed oil
1–2 tbsp zinc oxide powder (optional)
Lavender, rosemary, vanilla, and/or peppermint essential oils (optional)

For the full directions and other non-edible blendtec recipes click here.

Bottom line: Don’t eat it…even though it smells delicious

*As this is not FDA approved, it cannot be called “sunscreen” so, it shall be called outdoor lotion.

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