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So, it is no secret that running on a treadmill is one of the least exciting things out there.  And if given the choice between running in place for an hour or sitting on the couch, I will sit on the couch 93% of the time.  So, in order to keep up my habit of eating…I needed to figure out a different way to burn calories.  I have tried everything from pole dancing to barre classes and boot camp to Zumba.  Whether it was a lack or coordination or lack of interest in waking up two hours early to work out – none of these really lasted.  My latest obsession is Body By Simone – their concept is simple: If you want a dancer’s body, dance.

They have a variety of difference classes, so I have yet to get bored.  Check out the different classes available here. Despite my initial apprehension to try it (because I am uncoordinated to the point of breaking my foot in Zumba…embarrassing, but true), I had a blast, sweat like crazy and looked forward to going back. In the interest of full disclosure, the classes aren’t cheap…but then again, neither is lipo.

Bottom line: If you live in LA or NYC, you should check it out.

Tell me in the comments below what your favorite workout is – I am always looking for suggestions!

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  1. Jenny says:

    I had been thinking of trying them out – thanks for the info 🙂

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