Beauty Lies Truth

Beauty Lies Truth is a website and blog by Alexis Krauss and Jessica Assaf dedicated to discovering and sharing the truth about beauty. Their mission is to spread the truth about what is really in our makeup.  If you are anything like me, when you go out at night, you use no less than 8 products…and don’t get me started on the various hair products (I’m not alone, don’t judge).

After checking out their kickstarter, I realized that I had no idea what was in the products that I was using.  And, as I remembered from high school science (or was it middle school…), skin is our largest organ.  In case you doubt me, it’s a fact. It seems crazy that we forget that what goes ON our body is just as important as what goes in it.

Thankfully, the ladies at Beauty Lies Truth have looked high and low for products that are free of 1,373 substances that The European Union banned (the FDA has only banned 8), are cruelty free, vegan, and actually work.  Added bonus, the products are from companies run by bad ass women!

Their kickstarter (which is going on until April 10) is designed to demonstrate that there is a real market for safe, effective cosmetics and personal care products if they are affordable for the majority of consumers.  I think this is something that everyone should get behind.

Bottom line: Check out their campaign.  How often do you get to make a difference when buying mascara?

Let me know what your must have beauty product is in the comments below 🙂

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