3D-printed Spider Dress

Designer Anouk Wipprecht debuted her 3D-printed, Edison-powered Spider dress at CES in Las Vegas. The dress uses biosignals to defend the wearer’s personal space. As people approach, the wearer’s breath and the speed of the approach will determine whether the robotic arms gently greet or “attack.” A video interview of the designer can be seen on CNET.  This dress is the perfect blend of future tech, fashion and robotics. Anouk, if you are looking for a model for your next creation – call me!

In addition to being 3D-printed (which is pretty cool all on it’s own), it is also making physical assault more socially acceptable. I think that this is something that we as a society should get behind. Who doesn’t want a robotic arm (or 8) to poke weirdos that get just a little too close?

And, as someone that is unfortunately dating in this crazy (and wonderful) city, I think this would come in very handy on first dates…because apparently it is not always obvious to the other party when I am having a dreadful time. (True story – after a particularly awkward date with a man that only talked about feeling fat, living with his mother, hating his job, hating  LA, and being poor, I went to end the date with a handshake and he went in for a kiss.  I compromised with a fist bump.) With this handy dress, not only will I look pretty amazing, but my intentions will be quite clear.

Bottom line: If my dress pokes you, go for a fist bump, not a kiss.

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