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Coconut Oil Outdoor Lotion

In an effort to get over the funk that is caused by stupid stupid daylight savings time, I went out to the beach today. While I grew up being told “never put your back to the ocean,” today I decided … Continue reading

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Nicholas Skirt

Just got my Nicholas striped ball gown skirt in the mail. AND.I. LOVE. IT! It is a Melbourne designer and so worth shipping from Australia. This skirt the epitome of Australia – looks gorgeous, is comfortable and makes me feel … Continue reading

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Beauty Lies Truth

Beauty Lies Truth is a website and blog by Alexis Krauss and Jessica Assaf dedicated to discovering and sharing the truth about beauty. Their mission is to spread the truth about what is really in our makeup.  If you are … Continue reading

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Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry Makes Eco-friendly…Fashionable! I am all for being eco-friendly…but I will admit that hemp jewelry just isn’t going to do it for me. So, I was excited to find Laura Elizabeth’s line of jewelry that has made “eco-friendly” … Continue reading

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Spa Sophia

Spa Sophia is one of the very few places in Los Angeles to offer the world famous Esalen massage. According to the website: “the Esalen bodyworker uses long integrating strokes resembling ocean waves, as well as yoga moves, Swedish massage, … Continue reading

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Body By Simone

So, it is no secret that running on a treadmill is one of the least exciting things out there.  And if given the choice between running in place for an hour or sitting on the couch, I will sit on … Continue reading

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3D-printed Spider Dress

Designer Anouk Wipprecht debuted her 3D-printed, Edison-powered Spider dress at CES in Las Vegas. The dress uses biosignals to defend the wearer’s personal space. As people approach, the wearer’s breath and the speed of the approach will determine whether the … Continue reading

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Whitening Lightening

A friend gave me a set of Whitening Lightning lip glosses. You can purchase them here. The gimmick with these lip glosses is that they have a light that turns on automatically when you open it and there is a … Continue reading

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30 is nothing but a number…

I had an almost debilitating fear of getting closer and closer to 30 without having completed my list of Things to Do that I created in my teens (no husband, no kids, no millions)…and this fear started around 26, when … Continue reading

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